Should Scotland become independent, what is the risk to the UK’s international reputation and standing?


Should Scotland become independent, what is the risk to the UK’s international reputation and standing?

This question was raised time and again.  The position of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee is

‘Although the RUK would retain a strong claim on the UK’s international positions of power, any compromise of its nuclear capabilities as a result of Scotland becoming independent could lead to changes in its key bilateral relationships as well as questions being raised about the RUK’s role in key international political and security organisations, including the UN Security Council. There is also reason to believe that the RUK would suffer reputational damage as a result of Scotland becoming independent, although it is difficult to measure the impact this would have on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), or more generally the UK’s ability to project soft power.’

If you want to read Deputy First Minister Nicola Surgeon’s testimony to the UK HoC Foreign Affairs Committee –  makes for very interesting reading- it can be found here.

Charles Kupchan and Adam Posen have also recently discussed the UK’s position vis-a-vis Europe and potential Scottish separation.

Key quote: ‘If Britain does leave the EU, it will be one of the most striking instances of self-isolation in political history’ Charles Kupchan

What are your thoughts on these subjects?

On another note:

The next UK SDSR is now being debated.

There was an interesting exchange during recent testimony to the UK Defence Committee by Professor Paul Cornish, Commodore Stephen Jermy and Frank Ledwidge

Video can be found here.

In particular a lot of time is going into rethinking strategic thinking…

Key quote:

‘I think it is a failure of structural thinking, by which I mean a failure to go through a process where the objective that you have embarked upon is made clear, where the amount of resources you need to pursue that objective is made clear and where the political framework in which you should operate is made clear. Because we have not done that at the start, we have set off hoping for the best.’ Commodore Jermy



Finally, NATO post-Afghanistan and Afghanistan Post NATO is being somewhat overshadowed by events in Syria and the US decision to arm the rebels.  However, here are some interesting words on the former, here and here .

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